CADE2020 | Fusion x Exchanges+Fusion x Elites

Fusion x Exchanges

BAU Congress China

Spark of Imagination in Architectural Design Kindled by
International Exchange and Debate of Ideas



Founded in 2014, the BCC is well reputable in the China’s and even Asia’s architectural design community. It is positioned to "exchange advanced architectural concepts and cases from around the world". Over the past six years, nearly 150 world leading designers from more than 10 countries have gathered here to exchange about and discuss the latest architectural concepts. It is to provide brand new ideas on building quality, energy conservation, sustainable development, urban renewal and other issues facing China’s construction industry.

More information about the theme and guest speakers of BCC2020 will continue to be updated, please stay tuned!

CADE Architects Theme Salons

Synergy of Academic Insight and Industrial Ecosystem





The CADE Architects Salon, with the main objective of "focusing on practical applications and inspiring discussions and exchanges", is divided into three sections: industry trends, business case sharing, and cross-border integration, etc. CADE2020 will dive in for discussions in the following areas: for example, the Healthy Building Design Development Summit, the application of concrete solutions in architecture, new thinking in medical building design, TOD mode driving urban space, the future education space and the future lifestyle of intelligent architecture, etc.

More information on theme and guest speaker of CADE Architect salon is continuously updated, please pay attention!

Fusion x Elites



Bauwelt and World Architecture (WA), supported by the CADE sponsor, will team up to launch INTERNATIONAL URBAN PROJECT (IUPA). Projects completed by architects entering for the competition around the globe over the recent five years will be examined for their contribution to driving community progress and urban development and setting future trends, and best-in-class urban projects will be picked out.  

IUPA 2020 is in the works! Update consultation please continue to pay attention!

Architects Carnival

Cross-border communication - "Architecture is an art". Artistic inspiration requires beautiful atmosphere to trigger. Therefore, in addition to the prudent knowledge sharing and concept exchange, CADE focuses more on creating an atmosphere of exchanges for cross-border participants through gala dinners and cocktails. Unlike traditional dinners, CADE has its own unique taste and character for the choice of participants, the choice of venue and the creation of the atmosphere.