Special Show

Focus on breaking tradition and cross-discipline integration, and creating a space for exchanges and cooperation without borders

The beauty of achievement in architecture via materials ⸺ spatial installation zone

Select building materials, invite pioneer architects as curators, use material language to express artistic emotions, and make installation art designs. In 2020, the exhibition zone took "the possibility of materials" as its theme, which brought along heated discussion in the industry once it was launched.

The beauty of architecture achieved by structures ⸺ structure innovation exhibition zone

Borderless architectural community ⸺ Cross-over integration exhibition zone

The exhibition zone will showcase typical examples of "cross-over" in architectural design, so as to think about the practical possibility of multiple identities of architectural designers in the future, and try to build the practical application of multidisciplinary cooperation in architectural design.

"ARCH-JOIN" architects joint booth plan

An "ARCH-JOIN" to create an exclusive art display space and create a more user friendly touring environment through the perspective of architectural designers.