The Originality of Architecture to Inspire More Innovations CADE 2020 Grandly Unveiled in Beijing on 30 Oct.


(30 October, 2020, Beijing) The China Architectural Design Expo 2020 (CADE 2020, Beijing), the first Exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region that focusing on establishing high-end building system solutions and an exchange platform for connecting global leading architects, was grandly unveiled on 30 October at at W1 Hall of the China International Exhibition Center (new hall) in Beijing.

CADE 2020 was a four-day exhibition that co-organized by the Architectural Society of China (ASC), Messe München GmbH, and MMU BAU Fenestration Co., Ltd. On the opening day, the Exhibition attracted numerous industry players including architects, developers, engineering & construction  companies, associations and other individuals and groups to outlook the future trend via studying the excellent architectural cases.


The Opening Ceremony of CADE 2020

Focusing on the hot issues, this Expo had three invitational exhibitions, three thematic exhibitions for urban future development, two special exhibitions and BAU Solution Exhibition. Concurrently, the BAU Congress China and the over 20 thematic salons provided close exchange opportunities to inspire all the attendees. 


A Glance of the Entrance of CADE 2020

With success of the previous two exhibitions, CADE 2020 carries more expectations from different sectors of the society.  Mr. Zhong Jishou, the assistant to the chairman of the Architectural Society of China, gave a speech on the opening ceremony.


Mr. Zhong Jishou, the assistant to the chairman of the Architectural Society of China, giving the opening speech

Mr. Zhong Said: “2020 is a special year, which coincides with the critical period when China is about to realize the construction of a well-off society in an all-round way and enter a new stage of socialist development. Facing the challenges to rebuild  people’s living environment during the post-pandemic era, architects shoulders more important historical mission. CADE 2020 will help architects achieve more innovations through our exhibitions and exchanges especially in terms of  design concepts, solutions and materials.  The Exhibition play a key role to implement the Architect Responsibility System in China and the planning and designing of cities and parks in Belt and Road countries. CADE 2020 is a unique idea and visual feast to the international industry players for outlooking the future transformation and upgrading.”

Ms. Peng Qingzhi, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of MMU BAU Fenestration Co., Ltd., said in her opening speech, “Based on the high academic standards of the Architectural Society of China and the profound industry resources of Messe München GmbH, CADE has become an important exchange platform for design concept and practice after three-year’s development.  The Expo will continue its dedication to the industry for a brighter future in China. ”


Ms. Peng Qingzhi, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of MMU BAU Fenestration Co., Ltd. giving the opening speech


 There are three invitational exhibitions and  three thematic exhibitions for urban future development in CADE 2020, which contained with hot issues, trendy designs and new practice in the industry. The Exhibitions provided an opportunity to probe into the challenges and opportunities in China’s current architecture industry.

Three Invitational Exhibitions -

The Mission to Boost A New Stage of Social Development

Thematic Exhibition -

New Era, Healthcare and Architecture

Supported by the Institute of Healthcare ASC, Mr. Xu Haitao, the secretary-general of the Institute curated the Exhibition. As the main convener, China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd. Invited the China Architecture Design & Research Group, as well as the design and research institute in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Central South of China, who fighted COVID-19 at the front, to form this Exhibition. The two highlighted projects - Huoshenshan Hospital and Leishenshan Hospital showcased the strength and speed of China construction team during COVID-19, as a tribute to the people who contributed.


A Glance of New Era, Healthcare and Architecture Thematic Exhibition

Thematic Exhibition -

The Practice Guided by Rural Revitalization Strategy

Supported by the Institute of Village and Town Construction ASC (IVTC-ASC), Mr. Guo Hai’an, the secretary-general of the Institute curated the Exhibition. As the main convener, China Architecture Design & Research Group Invited the Professor Luo Deyin from the School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, Professor He Wei from the School of Architecture, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Professor Mu Jun from the School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Beijing University,  Professor Wang Wei from the School of Architecture and Design, Southwest Jiaotong University to share how to implement the practice guided by the rural revitalization strategy.  The Exhibition aimed to highlight China’s rural revitalization in 2020, it’s  progress and breakthroughs in the critical period and the goal to improve in the living environment in rural areas.


A glance of the thematic exhibition - the practice guided by rural revitalization strategy

Thematic Exhibition -

The Upgrade of Living Architecture For Health-Care In The Post-COVID-19 Era

Supported by the  Committee of Healthy Habitat ASC (CHH-ASC), Ms. Zhang Lei, the secretary-general of the Committee curated the Exhibition which focused on discussing how to balance the  safety requirements and limited building space in combating COVID-19 and how to harmonize the coexistence of people, architecture and the environment. China Architecture Design & Research Group is the main convener for the Exhibition. 


A glance of the thematic exhibition - the upgrade of living architecture for health-care in the post-COVID-19 era

Thematic Exhibition for Urban Future Development -

Into the city, About people, For development

With the improvement of the living standards, people have growing expectations for the future living and urban development.  Architecture is recognized as a media to convey beliefs and hopes for the future in the exact moment. This is why CADE 2020 curated this special exhibition to visualize China's social development and future urban planning.

Thematic Exhibition for Station-City Synergy

Convened by CCTN Architectural Design Co., Ltd., the thematic exhibition for Station-City Synergy invited multiple outstanding architects to discuss the current key points of China's urban development, in order to explore innovations and solutions from different dimensions to change and optimize the urban development situation in future.


A glance of the thematic exhibition for station-city synergy

Thematic Exhibition - Towards Balance

Curated by the Architectural Design and Research Institute of Zhejiang University, the thematic exhibition - Towards Balance to showcase a balanced architectural concept that how architectural design  realized  in both  rationally and romantically, locally and internationally, creatively and relatively, technologically and artistically.


A glance of the thematic exhibition - towards balance

Thematic Exhibition - Design for People

Curated by the Architectural Design and Research Institute Tsinghua University Co., Ltd. (THAD) and Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd. (TJAD), the thematic exhibition - Design for People unveiled how architectural design leading people's new lifestyle. Architectural aesthetic is born from people’s daily life and needs to be returned to life and serve people.


A Glance of the thematic exhibition - Design for People

Two Special Exhibitions -

The Unique Wisdom from Designers to Give More Possibilities For Materials

In order to give unique experience to visitors, CADE 2020 has planned two special exhibitions themed as the Beyond Materials - Architectural Art Installation Exhibitionand Tadao Ando Art Gallery.

As one of the highlights of CADE 2020, The Exhibitions was curated by Mr. Gao Changjun from College of Architectural and Urban Planning Tongji University and invited five emerging design companies and five leading materials companies to present wonderful artistic architecture installations by using the most ordinary materials.


A group photo for exhibitors in the special exhibition - the Possibilities for Materials

Besides, as a special bonus of CADE 2020, Tadao Ando Art Gallery exhibited architectural manuscripts of famous architect and artist Tadao Ando who also known as “a poet for raw concrete”. As a debut show in Mainland China, it interpreted Tadao Ando's unique insights and attitudes towards nature, society and art.


Guests enjoyed architectural manuscripts in Tadao Ando Art Gallery

BAU Solution Exhibition - 

Connecting the Industry by Providing Innovative Building System Solutions

The BAU Solution Exhibition is a core section of the CADE 2020. Through exchanging among architects, developers and contractors and based on solutions demonstration, the Exhibition was dedicated to exploring more material application possibilities and  innovative building system solutions.  Architects and material companies worked together for new application trend in the world to help the industry find more material choices in the future building especially in terms of facade and ground.


A corner glance of CADE 2020

BAU Congress China & Salons for Architectural Designer -

Global Leading Architects to Promote Industry Upgrade

Organized by Messe München GmbH and Bauwelt, BAU Congress China and 17 Salons were held continuously during the four-day exhibition with five attractive topics including urban development - recent projects, TOD, resilient architecture - health-care and infrastructures,  future living and working, digital design -  AI and robotics in architecture. The Congress invited specialists from HPP, gmp, KSP, MVRDV and etc to share their leading concepts.

Meanwhile, the 2nd International Urban Project Award (IUPA) were announced during the Expo. The awarded projects were exhibited on site! People on both Beijing and Berlin were linked to jointly discussing architectural value in international market.


Packed audience in BAU Congress China

Over 20 salons covering industry trends, case demonstration, crossover cooperation and other sectors were held during the Expo. The Salons provided face-to-face exchange opportunities between companies and architects. Architects at home and abroad were gathered for future trend, material application and innovative design via case studies.


A glance of  Architectural Designer Salon

About CADE

The Architectural Society of China (ASC) is an academic group composed of science and technology specialists in architecture in China. It is a national member of the International Union of Architects (UIA) and the Architects Regional Council Asia (ARCASIA). ASC has enrolled leading experts, scholars, and engineers from different sections of the industry, which forms the most reliable team for the government to promote urban and rural construction. ASC has over 100,000 individual members and over 1,200 group members in the industry. The Society sets three awards - the Liang Sicheng Architecture Prize, the ASC Architectural Design Award and the ASC Science & Technology Progress Award to commend and encourage the industry players who have made outstanding achievements and contributions both at home and abroad.

As one of the leaders of global exhibition companies, Messe München GmbH  (MMB) has more than 50 brand exhibitions, covering three major industries including capital products, consumer goods and high-tech. With over 50-year’s history, the BAU is held biennially and has become the most influential exhibition in architectural design, materials and building systems in the world. As the global leading exhibition, the last edition attracted about 250,000 visitors from 156 countries and regions.

MMU BAU Fenestration Co., Ltd. (NMU) is a holding subsidiary of Messe München GmbH in China, dedicated to providing comprehensive and high-end building system solutions for the Asian market. Co-organized by NMU and MMB, the FENESTRATION BAU China (FBC) serves architects, engineers, developers and distributors in the Asia-Pacific region especially in China and has become Asia's leading architecture expo. FBC is held alternately in Shanghai and Beijing annually with a scale of 100,000 m2 and nearly 110,000 visitors. The first RealTech Asia Summit was unveiled in 2020. Focusing on future space, the Summit showcased technological progress and business transformations in the real estate section to empower innovations for the future.