City s' Tell - Urban Development Forum

Under the concept of low-carbon and green development, there are new ideas for new urbanization and urban renewal. The industry is seeing new development opportunities.

The 14th Five-Year Plan notes that we need to accelerate green and low-carbon development, drive the green transformation of key industries and fields, to develop green buildings, and to launch green living campaigns ...... As an important area of energy consumption, the architecture industry plays an important role in reaching the 2030 carbon peak and 2060 carbon neutrality target.

With this mission, new ideas for new urbanization and urban regeneration have emerged. The concept of green building design is widely advocated within and outside the industry. New environmentally friendly materials and energy-saving solutions are seeing new development opportunities and huge market prospects.

In order to build up ecological and livable cities, CADE is walking into cities in East, Central, Southwest and Northwest China, and holding the City's Tell roadshows. By inviting experts and scholars from the industry to focus on urban development and architectural design topics, the events are telling cities’ developing stories and future outlook.

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