To create a platform for communication between solution companies and architects


Architectural designers are in the first line to ensure the birth of outstanding buildings!

As one of the yearly events of CADE, the MAT Club also aims to serve architects by bringing building materials and solution products into design, helping more architects to understand materials systematically and comprehensively. Meanwhile, manufacturers provide materials that directly meet designers’ needs and challenges. It’s a win-win communication to enhancing mutual understanding and efficiency

MAT Club Product Handbook is a selection of the best and most innovative high-end building materials and solutions around the world. It will be updated yearly along with the projects and products, becoming a valuable book for architects to select the best materials.

This edition of the Handbook concludes 8 categories and 37 brands of high-end building materials and solutions. Handbook is launched to link building materials and system solutions companies with architects, meanswhile, to serve MAT Club for knowledge prompting and exchange no matter online and offline.

Want to know what’s inside of the Handbook? Please feel free to contact us.

If your company employs 30+  architects, you can have free membership access to the MAT Club. Individuals can apply on behalf of their firm and gain an online or on-site project introduction from the manufacturer.

Some of the companies enrolling in the Handbook will be exhibiting at the CADE 2022 (Shanghai) from December 8 to 11 at National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC). We welcome your visit!


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