InformationExhibition Sectors

Exhibition Sectors


Architectural Design Organizations

▶Key engineering projects
▶Architectural design concept


Building System Solutions and Materials

▶ Building facade system
▶ Roof and ceiling system
▶ Flooring system
▶ Daylighting system
▶ Sunshade system
▶ Building structure
▶ Vertical greening system
▶ Building photovoltaic system
▶ Thermal insulation and waterproof materials
▶ Innovative materials


Building Technology

▶ Building intelligent control technology
▶ Building information
▶ Technology and software
▶ Light source and lighting technology
▶ Artificial intelligence application
▶ Architectural design software
▶ 3D printing technology
▶ Prefabricated building
▶ Intelligent parking system


Materials for Interior Decoration Design

▶ Building acoustic material
▶ Wall and partition materials
▶ Fireproof materials
▶ Lighting
▶ Art decoration


Perimeter of Architectural Design

▶ Architectural design book publishing house
▶ Architectural modeling company
▶ Drawing tool