Scenario display

To create friendly experience for architects

The world's leading building system solution enterprises will display their products in the form of scenario presentation from an architect-friendly perspective, vividly presenting the concepts and applications of innovative materials, sun-shading systems, flooring systems, roofing systems, building structure systems, building facade systems, roof and ceiling systems in the future hospitals, offices, hotels, elderly-friendly buildings, bringing endless immersive experience.


Focusing on building system solutions

Focusing on providing high-end building system solutions for architects, developers and engineering organizations, emphasizing the “demonstration of hard-core solutions” as the main tone, CADE strives to address the needs and pain points of architects and developers in design and construction projects to the greatest extent by creating a high-quality, experience-oriented and active communication atmosphere. Here, you can communicate with architects, real estate developers and engineering organizations at multiple levels and across dimensions to jointly explore the innovation of products and solutions, break through limitations, and seek inspiration and innovation.

Masters gathering

Design inspirations for each other with passions

More than 30 architectural masters have been invited to the CADE site as guests, including Yangshi Lei Team led by the famous academician Cui Kai and Professor Wang Qiheng, Wolf D. Prix of Blue Sky Team, Satoshi Ohashi of  Zaha Hadid Architects and the partners of MAD. This year, we will still invite serveral of famous academicians, domestic and overseas architectural masters and young and middle-aged famous architects to the site, bringing more than 20 thematic forums, architect salons, interactive experiences, carnival dinners and other activities, focusing on the analysis of international trends and the interpretation of the latest policies, the display of excellent cases and the sharing of cutting-edge solutions, showcasing the latest development and excellent achievements of architectural design in China. It will be an exchange feast and learning opportunity that cannot be missed in the building industry.

CADE Innovative Product Catalogue

Materials and technologies are the cornerstone of architectural design conception and engineering development, and reliable materials and innovative technologies have always been what architects want to obtain. Architectural Society of China, Messe München and MMU BAU Fenestration Co., Ltd. jointly sponsored and recruited Asian and European building field experts to constitute a review committee. CADE Architectural Innovative Product Catalogue released by the committee will be launched for the first time on the exhibition site.