International Urban Project

International Urban Project 2020

International Urban Project(IUPA)

More than ever, architecture has to prove that it is strong. To date, technological advancements, climate change, digitisation as well as demographic shift, new developments in our working and mobility environment have been the drivers of transformation in planning and design. Now, the necessary response to the current pandemic crisis can be added to that list. Therefore, it demands resilient and, at the same time, flexible solutions in architecture and urban planning.

But the buildings in our neighbourhoods are not lumps of clay that can be reshaped at short notice to meet our needs. This is why there can only be one conclusion: we need strong architecture and urban development which can not only react flexibly, but which is also resilient and permanent.

Bauwelt magazine from Berlin and World Architecture WA magazine from Beijing believe that exemplary projects, once implemented, can provide an incredibly important impetus.

The second edition of the IUPA - International Urban Project Award – supported by Messe München – aims to engage the debate on the values of architecture in an international discourse. The main criterion for the selected projects is a strong urban design that not only withstands challenging times, but also empowers. Their realisation in recent, visible areas are no more than five years old.

Submission Process

International experts from all over the world, selected by WA and Bauwelt, have nominated more than 50 projects. You are one of the nominees. Please send us your submission until July 31st 2020 via e-mail/ to


Eligible to participate are architects, urban planners and landscape architects from all over the world, individuals as well as working teams. The nominees are selected from Europe, Africa, the USA, UK and Asia-Pacific region.

Jiaming Cao

Vice President of the Architectural Society of China (ASC)
President of the Architectural Society of Shanghai China (ASSC)

Li Cundong

Secretary General of the Chinese Architectural Society (ASC)

Professor Zhang Li

Professor at Tsinghua University
Editor-in-chief WA magazine
Founder of TeamMinus, Beijing

Boris Schade-Bünsow

Editor-in-chief of Bauwelt, Berlin

克里斯汀·菲莱斯 博士 Kristin Feireiss
Dr. h.c. Kristin Feireiss

Director of AEDES, Berlin
2013-17 Member of the jury of the Pritzker Architecture Prize
2012 Member of the international jury for the Architecture Biennale in Venice

Sergei Tchoban(right)