Around the theme of “Inheritance and Rebirth”, CADE 2018 showcased seven theme sectors including People, Materials, Matters, Classics, Traces, Cases and Techniques. Therein, the sector of Techniques was the concurrent event of the exhibition, for which nearly 30 academic salons and 6 professional conferences and forums were arranged. Mr. Cui Kai (academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences), Mr. Satoshi Ohashi (Asian-Pacific director of Zaha Hadid Architects), Mr. Wang Qiheng (doctoral supervisor of Department of Architecture of Tianjin University) and Mr. Zhuang Ziyu (partner of German RSAA Design Group) delivered wonderful speeches on the site of CADE Architect Salon.    

CADE2019 will continue to work closely with architectural masters and domestic and foreign industry organizations to create more than 20 conferences, focusing on the interpretation of cutting-edge industry trends, the sharing of creative ideas of domestic and foreign famous architects, and the brainstorming and exchange of design ideas among young and middle-aged architects. From inspiration to design thinking, from appreciation of classic project cases to analysis of difficult problems, from architectural system solutions to new building materials and technologies, CADE2019 will cover all stages of the entire architectural life cycle, providing architectural designers with comprehensive, systematic learning and communication platforms.

Industry Conference

CADE2019 will bring about two major events: BCC (BAU Congress China). We will invite internationally renowned architectural design masters to discuss international cutting-edge hot issues and share useful experience.

Theme Forum

Around hot problems and forward-looking development trends in the current building industry, from macro to micro, from a multi-angle perspective, current policies will be discussed and project case difficulties will be analyzed in an in-depth way. From the perspective of the whole life cycle of project cases, the forum will invite chief architects, building solution enterprises, real estate developers and heads of construction organizations to share experience and observations.

Architectural Designer Salon

The salon full of architectural masters, will reproduce the context of urban development at home and abroad from ancient times to the present, from the protection of ancient buildings to the present situation of urban buildings, and then to the future urban development, through which the systems and policies, solutions, techniques, ideas and other contents will be reflected. The open and diversified communication space will enhance the interaction and communication between the audience and the speakers. Here, you can speak freely and explore the future face to face with the architects.

Architect Carnival Dinner

Unique curation concept and carefully created exhibition central line, through a number of crossover experience areas and Architect Carnival Dinner, will provide participants with brand reputation. The strong artistic atmosphere and design aesthetics on the spot will give exhibited brands some artistic touch, so that the participants can communicate more equally and effectively.

Experience Activity

Hand Workshop mainly consisting of experiencing the operation of building tool molds will have debuts on site, experiencing the craftsmanship.