CADE | Architects Salons

More detailed schedule will be released later.

First Day
Time Congress and Salon Location
Morning Wooden Structure Revitalization - From Carving & Painting to Living Space Salon 1
Morning Bringing Wood Construction Back to Contemporary Architecture Salon 2
Morning Breakthrough and Continuity - How Stainless Steel for Long-lasting Architecture Salon 3

BAU Congress China

Urban Design and Public Life

Afternoon Renewed & Rejuvenated - The Diversification of Urban Regeneration  Salon 1
Afternoon Green Building Design & Material Innovations Forum Salon 2
Afternoon Restructuring the Future Street Outlook Themed Salon Salon 3
Afternoon How Active Building Helps to Achieve  Carbon Neutrality 
the Fourth Localization of Active House Forum
Salon 4
Second Day
Third Day
Time Congress and Salon Location
All Day

BAU Congress China

Architecture and Urbanism: Resilient and Sustainability

Smart Public Space

Morning Low-Carbon for Green Future Themed Salon Salon 1
Morning Bounded·Boundless - Integration of Indoor and Outdoor Themed Salon Salon 2
Morning Zero-carbon Building  Energy System Salon 3
Morning Recyclable Materials Themed Salon Salon 4
Afternoon Event Programmes: Towards Productivity 
The implementation Path of Architecture Carbon Neutrality Themed Salon
Salon 1


Forum on Bauhaus Urban Renewal and Conservation of Historic Buildings

Salon 3
Afternoon Surface & space - New Green Future for Metal CompositeS Salon 4