About Us

About Us

Tri-party cooperation, complementary resource advantages

Architectural Society of China

Architectural Society of China is the highest level academic organization and authoritative institution in the field of Chinese architecture, gathering the most outstanding experts, scholars, engineers and technicians in various professions in the field of Chinese architecture, and is the first-class society of State Registered Architects. It has 100,000+ individual members in the building industry, 44 secondary organizations and 417 building group member organizations, and it is a heavyweight organization for architectural award creation.

Messe München GmbH

Messe München GmbH is the operator of the Neue Messe München exhibition center, the ICM Internationales Congress Center München and the MOC Veranstaltungscenter München. The exhibition space of the 18 halls together is 200,000 m2 and another 414,000 m2 of outdoor area, making Messe München by far the holder of the largest outdoor area of all exhibition companies in Germany. Messe München organizes 42 trade fairs for capital and consumer goods and key high-tech-industries in Munich and abroad.

MMU BAU Fenestration Co., Ltd.

MMU BAU Fenestration Co., Ltd. (referred to as “MMU BAU “) is a controlling subsidiary of Messe München in China, committed to providing comprehensive and high-end building system solutions for the Asian market. FENESTRATION BAU China (hereinafter referred to as FBC), co-created by MMU BAU Fenestration with Messe München, serves the group of architects, designers, engineers, developers and distributors in China and the Asia-Pacific region and has grown to be the leading architectural fair in Asia. FBC is held alternately in Shanghai and Beijing every year, with a scale of 100,000 square meters and nearly 110,000 professional visits, committed to providing the Asian market with comprehensive and high-end building system solutions.