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Driving architecture industry develop in high profession
Empowering architect to achieve more self-expression

With urbanization slowing down, China's architecture industry has shifted from fast growth to quality development. The industry is facing unprecedented challenges but also opportunities.

At this time of transition, China Architectural Design Expo (CADE) was born, co-organised by the Architectural Society of China (ASC), Messe München GmbH and MMU BAU Fenestration Co., Ltd., focusing on serving the community of architectural designers and dedicated to building a high-end platform for exchangings between the community and the whole industry.

The CADE showcases the most cutting-edge architectural design trends and ideas, promotes the most advanced building technologies and solutions, as well as create better fusion of technology and art via themed exhibitions with immersive scene setting, conference and salons, yearly online and offline activities and resource support from the whole industry. The CADE aims to help architects achieve better self-expression, promotes industry to develop in a high profession, support Chinese technology achievements, uplifts the status and influence of Chinese architects, and prospers urban architectural culture.

A rich brand matrix

After four years of development, CADE has been exploring more practitioner-friendly content and showcase forms. We have launched China Architectural Design Expo (CADE), Bau Congress China (BCC), Architects Salon, Jiangzhuren er Video Channel, International Urban Project Award (IUPA), CrossA Architecture Festival, Mat Club, City's Tell etc. With a rich brand matrix, CADE has been promoting the integration between architects and the whole industry.

China Architectural Design Expo

A platform to inspire and communicate with products, skills, services and cross over opponitties.

Architects Salon

Our main objective is Focusing on Practical Applications and Stimulating Inspirations, by launching three topics including Design Driven, Low Carbon Future, and Material Innovation.

Bau Congress China

Focusing on high quality design, planning and architecture, it is a platform for the exchange and showcase by integrating innovative ideas, high quality designs, as well as building materials and technologies for the fast developing Chinese market.

CADE Online Show

It is an online knowledge-sharing video programme that inspires architecture practitioners and promotes industry trends for future industry.

city's tell
City's Tell Road Show

It is committed to promoting the construction of an ecologically livable city and telling the development story and future prospects of a city.

International Urban Project

The prize draws attention to the social and cultural strength of architecture and urban development to improve public space for civic life, ultimately celebrating urbanity.

Mat Club

Co-organized by national architectural institutions, It aims to help architects approach quality building materials and system solutions.

CrossA Architecture Festival

Where there are overlaps there are derivations and rebirth. A way to break the boundaries and connect symbiosis.

Extensive platform resources

The three organizers are joint together - from academia to practice, to achieve the exchange between Chinese and international architects
Connecting the industry - instan sharing all the resources from upstream and downstream.

An exhibition system that connects the whole industry

The exhibition will open up the entire industry chain, upgrade the industry and jointly create an industry ecology that is friendly to high-end products/solutions.

China Roofinf & Waterproofing Expo
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