CADE2020 | Fusion x Leading Edge

Architecture Geeks’ Paradise

Leading the themed exhibition area by domestic and foreign famous architectural design institutes, together with building materials and solution enterprises, the exhibition area is set up with scenarios to showcase the hot themes such as future urban planning, architectural design and future cutting-edge lifestyle.

TOD Area

Show typical cases and explore TOD as a development model of urban development, commercial properties and regional integration.

Healthcare Architecture Area

Highlight hot topics of the year, and show future healthcare architecture planning and design solutions, intelligent solutions and application scenarios of sterile materials.

Hospitality, Culture and Tourism Area

Capture emerging consumption trends in tourism, culture and art, and provide solutions of added value for the industry in terms of architectural design and choice of materials.

Future Education Architecture Area

Empower optimization of education space with materials, and exemplify human-oriented education architecture design and application of materials in terms of daylighting, health and sustainability.

Architectural Heritage Reuse Area

Demonstrate diverse best cases of renovation that achieve perfect combination of economy, education and development, while preserving the cultural heritage.

Future Lifestyle Experience Area

Show in an immersive way the importance of design and materials in future life with living, working and public spaces.