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Beyond Material——Space Installations special exhibition area

CADE will continue to work with young curator Mr. Gao Changjun to design special exhibition of the Possibility of Materials - a space installation exhibition showcasing the unique and creative installations designed by the leading architects using selected special materials. Professor Li Xiangning from the School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tongji University will be the general counsel, and Mr. Gao Changjun will be curator.

Themed as Shelter, the space will be designed by architects including Shui Yanfei, Zang Feng, Meng Fanhao, Liu Kenan and a 5D team using different materials to present different scenarios and creating a spatial aesthetics via  design and materials. Five unique spatial installations with a strong interactive function that allows visitors to probe the projects and experience them in different dimensions. It will be a special experience to explore the infinite possibilities of space and materials.


Show the dynamic beauty of building materials and architectural solutions, and help architects realize their concepts and innovations.

Novel building materials and innovative application
Building system solutions
Architectural technology and digital solutions
Innovation and application of BIM technology