Final Press Release CADE2019


China Architecture Design Expo 2019 (Shanghai) Unveils at Shanghai New International Expo Center

Building a Platform of Consolidated Architecture Solution
To Set the Trend of the Chinese Construction Industry

On November 5th, 2019, China Architecture Design Expo 2019 (Shanghai) (“CADE 2019”) unveils at Shanghai New International Expo Center (Pudong). The Expo lasts 4 days from November 5th to 8th. CADE was founded by The Architectural Society of China(“ASC”), Messe München GmbH (“MMG”) and MMU BAU Fenestration Co., Ltd. (“MMU”). Since the first edition in Beijing last year, this year's expo has been comprehensively upgraded with exciting themed exhibitions and fascinating forums. It has gathered several academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and dozens domestic and foreign architectural design masters and industry experts to present and interact with visitors on site, exchanging and sharing design concept and architectural practice, in the hope of promoting the integration of building materials innovation, art and technology. Fenestration BAU China (“FBC”) also opens at the same time. CADE 2019, together with FBC hosts an exhibition area of more than 110,000 m2, acconmondating 778 exhibitors from 20 countries, hundreds of keynote speeches and forums. During the expo period, more than 61,000 professional visitors from home and abroad are welcomed. The total number of professional visits throughout the expo reached more than 120,000. And, the number of professional visits of CADE 2019 is close to 30,000.


Grand opening of CADE Architectural Design Expo 2019 (Shanghai) and Fenestration BAU China

Promote industrial upgrading
Build a high-end architectural design industry platform in the Asia Pacific region

President Xi Jinping, on an inspection tour in Shanghai several days ago, called for further reform, opening-up and institutional innovation to improve the level of governance of the international metropolitan city. He emphasized that a people-centered development philosophy must be upheld in urban construction and planning. At present, China's urban and rural construction is at an important stage of transformation. The new era of architectural design has arrived. In September this year, the State Council explicitly emphasized the importance of the architect responsibility system, and its fully implementation could be expected in the foreseeable future. The trend of a green, industrialized, standardized and intelligent construction proccess has gradually become a common consensus of the industry. In line with the country’s call to fully implement the architect responsibility system, CADE was launched last year. After the first appearance in 2018, which attracted attention of the industry, this year, the Shanghai edition unveiled with an upgraded, international and integrated programme.


Registration hall of CADE Architectural Design Expo 2019 (Shanghai)

CADE2019 brings together the advantages of various organizers, the academic and industrial resources of the ASC, the international platform and resources of the MMG, as well as MMU’s the capabilities of operation and resource integration, to create a first one-stop communication platform in China and even in the Asia Pacific Region for architects, developers and engineering units to exchange and discuss the development trend of the overall construction industry. This year, CADE’s debut in Shanghai, themed “People, Architecture, Technology”, received attention and support from professionals in the architectural design industry. Chinese and foreign architectural design masters, industry experts and industry leading brand solution providers gathered together here. It is expected that the show witnesses a comprehensive and strategic upgrade in terms of the number of visitors, the scale of the show, the guest profile and the participation of all partners.


Opening Ceremony of CADE Architectural Design Expo 2019 (Shanghai)

Mr. Zhang Hua, Vice Chairman of the ASC, said at the opening ceremony: "China's development focus has shifted from high-speed growth to higher and better quality. We must conscientiously implement the party's call at the 19th National Congress, i.e. to promote green development and conduct urban planning fits the needs of the people. We shall forward the Chinese architectural heritage, protect the historical and cultural of the city, exchange with the international construction market, to build and share, and jointly create high quality, sustainable cities. As an important activity of the ASC’s 'two sessions and one exhibition', CADE integrates innovative architectural ideas, high-quality architectural design, building materials and building technology, all together. We are very happy to see CADE came to Shanghai during the CIIE this year, and look forward to a highly integrated platform radiating to the Asia Pacific region, which can truly promote the development of China's construction industry, enhance the competitiveness of China's construction industry worldwide, and ultimately to improve happiness of the Chinese people. "


Zhang Hua, Vice Chairman of the Architectural Society of China (ASC)

In 1964, MMG founded BAU. after decades of development, BAU has become the world's largest exhibition of architectural systems. After entering China, BAU rely on its international resources to serve the Asia Pacific market and professionals, with the BAU China platform. The establishment of CADE with ASC was indeed inspired by this vision.

“MMG, one of the top ten exhibition companies in the world, is dedicated to creating an international platform that serves the entire architectural design, materials and systems industry. It operates BAU, one of the largest architectural expos in the world. CADE2019 is a better version over last year, which brings hopeful expectation of the future of BAU China platform. ASC owns precious architects and architectural industry resources. We look forward to a closer and lasting partnership between us to create a communication platform with international thinking. With the continuous improvement of CADE, we will be able to attract more Chinese industry partners to join and participate.” Dr. Reinhard Pfeiffer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MMU, said at the exhibition.


Dr. Reinhard Pfeiffer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MMU

5 themed exhibition and 3 special exhibitions
A wonderful record of the architectural development of the era

CADE2019 brings 5 themed exhibitions and 3 special exhibitions to the audience. It is a phased summary of the achievements of architectural design, at the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. It is also an outlook for the global frontier trends and latest practices in architectural design, which brings opportunities to discuss the situation of architectural design in China today.

The success of the Beijing Olympic Games, the Shanghai Center, the world's largest high-speed railway network, or the world-famous Beijing Daxing Airport, the architectural design of the New China is the epitome of China’s take-off.


The Airport Construction Theme Exhibition


The Railway Transport Hub Construction Theme Exhibition

At the same time, with the development of China's social economy, people's living standards have been continuously improved, and people's demands for spiritual culture, especially education and health, have been increasing year by year. Cultural, educational and sports undertakings in China have been developing vigorously, cultural, educational and sports buildings have returned to the focus of the public.


The Sport Construction Theme Exhibition


The Cultural and Educational Construction Theme Exhibition

CADE joins hands with Beijing Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., East China Construction Group Co., Ltd., Zhongnan Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd., Harbin Institute of Technology Architectural Design and Research Institute, Tongji University Building Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd., Tsinghua University Architectural Research Institute Co., Ltd., Southeast University Architectural Design and Research Institute, etc., who are representing the top level architectural design quality in China, to present the 5 themed exhibitions on site. They are showcasing Daxing Airport, the first of the Seven Wonders of the New Century; the super high-rise building as the landmark of the urbanization process, the legendary railway transportation hub built at China's speed, the sports complex for international large-scale events, and the cultural and educational constructions. Through the corresponding themed forums, guest speakers will interpret these monumental projects from the inside out, and provide insights on how to better serve the people's material and cultural needs and achieve sustainable development.


The Cultural and Educational Construction Theme Exhibition

In addition to the above-mentioned special exhibitions, the content of the special exhibition area is also a must-see: Professor Li Xiangning, as the chief planner, brings the ““Building a Future Contryside” special exhibition, which was regarded as the best exhibition hall of the Venice Biennale. The miniature of his show at Venice will be presented to the domestic audience for the first time. The exhibition includes the finest works of China’s outstanding architects, trying to find the forgotten value and neglected possibilities of the rural areas, thus gaining insight into the future of China's beautiful countryside.


“Building a Future Contryside” Special Exhibition

Another special exhibition area will unveil the 11th Jiangsu Horticultural Exposition, which is attended by more than ten architects including Academician Cui Kai and Academician Wang Jianguo. Professor Li Xiangning is also the chief curator of this special exhibition. It selects the construction plan of different blocks of the project park, showcasing many hot topics such as architectural transformation, the combination of natural environment and human settlement, and the protective development of historical relics. In the “small world” of The Horticultural Expo Park, architectural design masters demonstrate their different insights of design.


Special Exhibition of the 11th Jiangsu Horticultural Exposition

The architectural model museum exhibition, which is exclusively supported by Fengyuzhu, provides a platform for architects to exert academic value and artistic aesthetics through carefully selected architectural model exhibitions.


The Architectural Model Museum Sspecial Exhibition

BCC and CADE Architects Salon
Dialogue with Architects

BCC, which were brought together by BAU and the German architectural magazine, Bauwelt, and the 15 CADE Architects Salons, are lined up through the four-day exhibition. Many visitors came early on site to wait for their desired keynote speakers sessions.


BAU Congress China 2019

This year's BCC speakers include international masters like, Martin Jochman, chief designer of Shanghai Shimao Pit Hotel, Ishigami, architect of London Serpentine Gallery, Kai-Uwe Bergmann, partner of Danish BIG Design, Stephan Schütz, co-founder of GMP Architects, as well as Chinese architecture masters, Li Xiaojiang, former dean of the China Urban Planning and Design Institute, Qi Bin, deputy chief architect of the Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University, female pioneer architect and urban designer Liu Heng, and RSAA Partner and lead architect, Zhuang Ziyu. All these architects will come together bringing their latest insights into the global architectural design arena, promoting academic exchanges and industrial upgrading through discussions and collisions.

Selected industry outstanding project model
Discover the future architectural rising stars

CADE2019 hosted the first International Urban Project Award (IUPA) ceremony, which was jointly launched by Berlin's "Bauwelt" and Beijing's "World Architecture (WA) magazine and sponsored by CADE organizers and JUNG, to select outstanding models of urban projects around the world to stimulate discussion on the value of the building; the finalists of the IUPA are displayed on site.


International Urban Project Award (IUPA)2019 Ceremony

Randy Wang, CEO of MMU, said at the exhibition, “Architecture is closely related to each and every one of us. The future of architecture is the future of people’s better life. We look forward to CADE2019 to bring architectural design institutes, architects and developers, together, promoting the integration throughout the construction industry. The success of the CADE2019 would not be possible without the audience, exhibitors, guest speakers and our partners. I hope everyone can bring something home from CADE this year, and join CADE, join BAU China, in the future. I believe that CADE 2020 will bring more pleasant surpises and memorable moments to all.”


Randy Wang, CEO of MMU

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